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Plumbing in Berlin since 1987

Plumbing since 1987

Sewer cleaning Berlin: Expert solutions for sustainable cleanliness

Shows a suction hose that is inserted into the sewer to perform a Sewer cleaning Berlin.
Sewer cleaning Berlin from Sanrotech®️ Specialist

Sewer cleaning Berlin: Our master company ensures efficient sewer cleaning.

We are your plumbing professionals when it comes to professional sewer cleaning berlin.
We help private households, businesses, public institutions and more.

Drain alarm! Sanrotech - your power player against blockage chaos in commercial properties

Blocked wastewater pipes are a potential disaster for commercial properties. Sanrotech uses proven techniques and innovative methods to efficiently deal with stubborn blockages. Our commercial services include a camera inspection to pinpoint problem areas. We use professional drain augers to break up stubborn material and offer an effective solution for deep-seated blockages with our high-pressure flushing.

Professional commercial sewer cleaning

Sewer systems tend to become blocked by deposits over time. This leads to a reduced flow rate and in many cases can lead to a backflow or, in the worst case, flooding.

The consequences of a blocked sewer mean both financial expense and stress. It is therefore advisable to regularly subject sewer pipes to a thorough inspection and professional sewer cleaning.

Drain chaos? We are on the spot immediately - quick help for your drainage problems!

As your specialist sewer cleaning company, we are on hand in an emergency. If you notice that the water in your sewer pipes is no longer draining properly or you are struggling with flooding, you can contact us immediately. We will be with you the same day and take care of the problem!

High-pressure rinsing device in the high-pressure rinsing trolley that performs a high-pressure flushing Berlin.
Sewer cleaning Berlin from Sanrotech®️ Specialist

Preventive measures to keep your channels in top form.

Preventive measures, such as sewer cleaning, pipe and drain cleaning, prevent potential emergencies and damage caused by blockages and sewage flooding. Preventive cleaning of the sewer system is therefore recommended in any case.

Rely on sewer cleaning Berlin by Sanrotech and benefit from these advantages:

How our sever cleaning Berlin works:

Our proven processes ensure thorough and efficient cleaning of pipes and sewers. Here is an insight into our service:

  1. Inspection and analysis: checking the sewer system with cameras to identify blockages and problems.
  2. Preparation: Selection of suitable cleaning techniques and securing the environment.
  3. Cleaning and testing: High-pressure flushing to remove deposits and blockages. Vacuuming and rinsing for thorough cleaning. Camera inspection again to ensure cleaning effectiveness.
  4. Documentation:Detailed report on the condition and recommendations for preventative measures. Customer communication: Discussion of the results and clarification of questions.

Frequent problems with sewer cleaning Berlin

A sewer blockage can occur for a number of reasons, and in some cases, professional sewer cleaning is essential. Here are 10 reasons why:

  • Accumulation of fat: Block the sewer and affect the flow of water.
  • Root ingrowth: Tree roots can cause blockages in the sewer pipes.
  • Toilet paper buildup: Excessive use leads to buildup and blockages.
  • Sanitary products: Improperly disposed products cause blockages.
  • Debris and sediment: Debris constricts the sewer and impedes water flow.
  • Chemicals: Incorrect use of chemicals damages the sewer system and causes blockages.
  • Construction waste: Can enter sewer lines and cause blockages.
  • Blocked drains: Lead to dirt entering the sewer.
  • Limescale deposits: Mineral deposits constrict the sewer over time.
  • Old pipes: Outdated pipes lead to leaks and blockages.
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