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Plumbing since 1987

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Pipe cleaning Berlin: Your pipes, our expertise for professional pipe cleaning

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Pipe cleaning Berlin from Sanrotech®️ Specialist

Recognition features for problems with the drain

If the water in the kitchen sink no longer drains properly, is backing up in the shower, the drain gurgles and even the plunger doesn’t help, it is advisable to call in professional assistance immediately. Sanrotech’s emergency drain cleaning service is on hand to provide you with fast and competent drain cleaning.

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Pipe cleaning Berlin from Sanrotech®️ Specialist

Immediate help without the use of chemicals

A blocked drain is often seen as a minor problem and is therefore tolerated. However, in the long term, this can lead to significant damage, such as flooding. To prevent this, you should take action even if the warning signs seem insignificant. The Sanrotech customer service team specializes in drain cleaning and sewer cleaning and is available to you around the clock.

Sanrotech does not use any chemical additives during the cleaning process. Many people do not know that chemical cleaners remove deposits but can also severely damage the drainage pipes. This means that a supposed savior in an emergency can quickly turn into a pest, which in the worst case can lead to costly pipe or sewer repairs. That’s why it pays off in the long term to hire our professional pipe cleaning service.

Rely on pipe cleaning Berlin by Sanrotech and benefit from these advantages:

How our pipe cleaning Berlin works:

Our proven processes ensure thorough and efficient cleaning of pipes and sewers. Here is an insight into our service:

  1. Analysis of the problem: Identification of blockages, deposits or other pipe problems.

  2. High-pressure rinsing: Use of special devices that work with high-pressure water to gently remove deposits and soiling.

  3. Mechanical cleaning: Use of mechanical equipment to remove stubborn deposits and rooting.

  4. Optimization of the water pressure: Experienced adjustment of the water pressure to ensure effective cleaning without damaging the pipes.

  5. Gentle removal of deposits: Careful procedure to remove blockages without causing damage to the pipes.

  6. Optional camera inspection: If required, use of special cameras to locate and check the pipe for possible damage.

  7. Documentation: Preparation of detailed documentation on the condition of the pipes after cleaning.

  8. Advice and recommendations: Providing recommendations for optimal pipe care and maintenance to avoid future problems.

  9. Customer satisfaction: Ensuring that the pipe is completely free, functional and that you are satisfied.

Frequent problems with pipe cleaning Berlin

A pipe blockage can occur for a variety of reasons, and in some cases, professional pipe cleaning is essential. Here are 10 reasons why:

  1. Blocked drains: Blockages caused by hair and deposits require professional cleaning for optimum pipe function.

  2. Pipe burst: pipe damage requires repair; leakage requires immediate attention.

  3. Rooted pipes: Penetrating tree roots lead to blockages; professional removal necessary for smooth water flow.

  4. Foreign objects in the pipe system: objects cause blockages; thorough cleaning is required.

  5. Limescale deposits: Long-term accumulation of limescale impairs the flow; professional descaling is required.

  6. Accumulation of grease: Kitchen pipes are susceptible to grease and oil, regular cleaning is crucial for flawless operation.

  7. Defective seals: Damaged or ageing seals cause leaks; timely replacement prevents water damage.

  8. Chemical deposits: Incorrect chemicals can build up; professional cleaning prevents damage.

  9. Frost damage: Extreme cold leads to freezing, cracks and leaks; preventive measures and repairs are essential.

  10. Incorrectly laid pipes: Inefficient laying or insufficient gradients impair drainage; professional inspection and adjustment required.

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