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Plumbing in Berlin since 1987

Plumbing since 1987

High-pressure flushing Berlin: Ensures long-term free drains and protects against recurring repairs.

High-pressure rinsing device in the high-pressure rinsing trolley that performs a high-pressure flushing Berlin.
High-pressure flushing Berlin from Sanrotech®️ Specialist

High-pressure flushing Berlin: We flush your sewer free

We are your plumbing professional in the field of wastewater & plumbing when it comes to professional pipe cleaning.

We help private households, businesses, public institutions and more.

High-pressure flushing without any chemicals: The modern solution for clear pipes and sewers

Effective cleaning and prevention of blockages with a high-pressure rinse

Whether in a private home or business environment, wastewater pipes and systems tend to become contaminated over time by dirt deposits, which can lead to blockages. Blocked pipes and drains are not only annoying, but can also lead to serious problems. In addition, various objects can obstruct the flow in the pipes. Regular cleaning is therefore advisable. With our high-pressure flushing, we can thoroughly remove deposits, which also prevents objects from gaining a foothold and impairing the flow.

What is a high-pressure flush?

High-pressure flushing is considered the most effective method in the plumbing industry for effective drain cleaning. Our high-pressure flushing technology uses water pressure to remove stubborn blockages and deposits in household pipes.

How does a high-pressure flush work?

The high-pressure rinsing system consists of a water tank, a high-pressure hose, a power nozzle and a controlling machine. The nozzle, placed at the cleaning outlet, generates sufficient pressure to move through the piping system. With a water pressure of up to 3,500 psi, the high-pressure flush ensures that the drainage path is effectively cleaned and dirt can flow easily into the sewer.

High-pressure flushing Berlin from Sanrotech®️ Specialist

Why does high-pressure flushing outperform conventional cable methods?

While conventional cables offer short-term solutions, they are not sufficient in the long term. Compared to conventional methods, high-pressure flushing efficiently removes hair, soap scum, oil deposits and other residues and can prevent long-term re-clogging. This process quickly restores your pipes and gives them a new lease of life. Rely on high-pressure flushing for optimum results and permanently clear drains.

High-pressure flushing in the sewer. You can see the nozzle that cleans the sewer at high pressure.
High-pressure flushing Berlin from Sanrotech®️

Rely on a high-pressure flush from Sanrotech and benefit from these advantages:

This is how our high-pressure rinsing Berlin works

Our proven processes ensure thorough and efficient cleaning of pipes and sewers. Here is an insight into our service:

Preparation: the first step involves a thorough inspection of the sewer pipes and preparation of the high-pressure unit. The environment must be carefully secured to ensure a smooth execution.

Flushing: This involves inserting the flushing hose, followed by high-pressure flushing. This continuous cleaning ensures efficient removal of deposits and impurities. Controlled water drainage is an essential part of this process.

Conclusion: After high-pressure flushing, the pipes are thoroughly inspected. If necessary, the process can be repeated to ensure complete cleaning and achieve optimum results.

Common problems that make high-pressure flushing Berlin necessary

A drain blockage can occur for a variety of reasons, and in some cases, professional drain cleaning with a high-pressure flush is unavoidable. Here are reasons why:

  • Blockages caused by deposits such as grease, hair and dirt.
  • Root ingrowth for smooth drainage.
  • Accumulation of sediments that restrict the flow.
  • Broken pipes or cracks that require cleaning and repair.
  • Ingress of foreign objects such as toys or building materials.
  • Grease deposits for effective cleaning.
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