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Berlin backflow preventer: Your reliable protection against backwater!

Backflow preventer in grey installed by Sanrotech.

Backflow preventer Berlin: Protect your basement from flooding with our sewer backflow prevention system, which offers reliable protection.

What is a Berlin backflow prevention?

Backwater protection is about protecting basements and rooms below the backwater level from water damage caused by backwater. Our backflow preventers ensure that water is not forced back into the house through the house connection and the underground pipes, so that the cellar remains dry.

How does a backlog occur?

During extreme weather events such as heavy rainfall, the public sewer system can become overloaded. This leads to water backing up in the supply pipes, such as house connections or underground pipes, and in the worst case, being pushed back into the building. However, backwater can be caused not only by weather-related overloading, but also by sewer blockages, burst pipes or pumping station failures.

How can I protect my basement from backwater?

To protect your premises from the effects of backwater, you can rely on the installation of backwater valves and lifting stations from Sanrotech. The selection of suitable products depends on the installation situation and the use of the basement rooms.

Frequent problems without backflow prevention Berlin

Water back-up and consequent basement flooding can occur for a variety of reasons, and in some cases professional back-up protection is essential. Here are 8 reasons why:

  • No backflow protection: increased risk of basement flooding
  • Water ingress damage: furniture, electrical appliances and equipment affected
  • Mold growth: Moisture promotes mold that is hazardous to health
  • Structural damage: Long-term moisture leads to problems with walls, floors and foundations
  • Odor formation: Standing water causes unpleasant odors throughout the house
  • Pests: Damp conditions increase susceptibility to mosquitoes, cockroaches and mice
  • Energy costs: Water damage affects the insulation and leads to higher energy costs
  • Loss of property value: a lack of protection significantly reduces the value of the property

Water damage in the basement due to backwater - who pays? What does the insurance cover?

If a backwater occurs in the house, it quickly becomes an annoying and costly affair. The unhindered ingress of sewage and rainwater from the sewer system into the building can cause considerable damage. Wet and dirty furniture, appliances and floor coverings become unusable, the masonry can become damp and the cleaning effort should not be underestimated.

To what extent are the costs reimbursed?

The amount of cover for water damage caused by backwater varies depending on the individual insurance conditions. The policy specifies the amount up to which the costs of repairs, drying measures and the replacement of damaged items are covered. It is advisable to check the insurance policy and contact the insurance company directly if anything is unclear.

Safety against backwater in the basement: how the insurance covers the costs

  • Check the insurance policy for backwater damage cover
  • Take preventative measures such as installing a backflow preventer
  • Have the Berlin backflow preventer professionally installed by one of our specialists
  • Document all measures taken and keep proof of them
  • Report damage to the insurance company immediately and follow the reporting procedures
  • Lifting systems or backwater valves are suitable for backwater protection in Berlin
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